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...It's the buttery, luxurious, organic, bubbly cold and hot, sweet and spicy, somewhat healthy but actually just decadent, always open convenient store part cafe that's located just around the corner from you, shop.

All things Quick and Delicious, on Dovercourt just south of Bloor.



POPBOX Mrkt. is a much-needed reinvention of the corner store offering superior alternatives to the usual junk food fare sold as convenience food.

It's everything a discerning urban foodie needs in a quick stop to the local market. From grass fed dairy, gourmet chocolates, to full boutique cafe service - The best (and most local*) of everything designed to enjoy on the way out the door.

Look for the yellow FOX on Dovercourt, just south of Bloor.


Customer Reviews

Delicious eats, fair prices, awesome staff and a bright, shiny, stylish alternative to the convenience store. What more do you need? Espresso? Chocolate? Kale chips? Juice? Oh yeah, they got that too;)
— Renata - Google Review
Great little supermarket with a healthy/gourmet edge. Love the fast, easy takeout salads and chocolate selection too. Friendly staff!
— Ians - Google Review
It is a blessing/curse to live around the corner from this place because I am in there basically every day...! The village juicery juices, local cheeses and meats, actually good gluten free bread (I’m not on any kind of gluten-free diet, it’s a taste preference because this bread is so good) and mad mexican salsas are some of my favourites. They also make a pretty serious hot chocolate!
— Elise - Facebook
I get my coffee here every morning - best drip coffee in the ‘hood, IMO. I also love the selection of grab and go food items and gourmet snacks. And if you’re looking for an indulgent and ridiculously yummy breakfast (and/or snack), try the almond croissant. Hot damn, they’re delicious. Everyone who works here is very friendly, and always super helpful with recommendations if/when I’m looking for a new treat to try. Popbox is a part of my daily ritual, and I am so grateful for such a great shop in the neighbourhood.
— Michelle - Yelp

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725 Dovercourt Rd.

Toronto, ON M6H 2W7, Canada



Monday    7AM–10PM
Tuesday    7AM–10PM
Wednesday    7AM–10PM
Thursday    7AM–10PM
Friday    7AM–10PM
Saturday    8AM–10PM
Sunday    8AM–10PM